Need Time To Pay

18 Months Same As Cash / No Interest Payment

Make no interest payments for the next 18 months. The perfect choice for people who want to:

  • Buy a new home comfort system with out a deposit.
  • Make 18 equal investments over the next 18 months and incur no finance charges.
  • Need some time to arrange a home equity loan and then switch over their monthly investments to ensure tax deductible interest.

After the 18th month time period passes, the interest rate is retroactive to date of installation if not paid in full.

Example of 18 Months Same As Cash / No Payment at 17.9% APR :

Months one through eighteen -- No payment required

Initial investment x Monthly interest = Total outstanding balance x Minimum payment = Min. monthly investment

$6,000.00 x (1.09%) = $6.540.00 x (.02%) = $130.80

NOTE: Examples are for estimation and demonstration only. Terms and financing rates are subject to change and should be verified when applying for financing.

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